Claude Diallo Releases New Album 11:11

Claude Diallo Releases New Album 11:11

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11:11 Around the World : DREAMTEAM Claude Diallo situation releases new album on DOT TIME RECORDS

They are all THREE MASTERS OF THEIR ART and the sun never sets on their music, modern jazz.   Because they are at home all over the world with their music: “Claude Diallo Situation”, that is.

Claude Diallo, jazz pianist, composer and arranger, born in Switzerland, studied in the jazz stronghold of Berklee College of Music in Boston and lived in New York for over 10 years, in between a few years in Asia, has received international awards, founded the piano trio in 2007 .

Luques Curtis, double bass player and composer, born in Connecticut USA studied piano, strings (fiddle and cello) and congas (tumbadoras) before bass. Multiple Grammy nominees, he won the Grammy with Eddie Palmieri and Brian Lynch. The American DOWNBEAT Magazine has awarded him several times. Luques Curtis currently plays in the bands of Eddie Palmieri, Gretchen Parlato and with his brother Zaccai Curtis as the Curtis Brothers.

Tupac Mantilla, percussionist and drummer, born in Colombia, awarded worldwide, founder of the Global Percussion Network “PERCUACTION”, has reached more than 100,000 people since 2010 with his innovative rhythm concepts and body percussion methods. Tupac Mantilla works as a musician with the likes of Bobby McFerrin, Esperanza Spalding, Savion Glavor, Ustad Zakir Hussein and Julia Lage.

With the new album 11:11 they make a statement as “Claude Diallo Situation” that Claude Diallo reformulates “traveling with music” namely “around the world” independent of origin, time and place!

And so is their music. All musicians have a sufficient body of released albums. With this album, Claude Diallo and his trio embark on another journey. Sustainability and timelessness make 11:11 a new beginning and are the motif for Claude Diallo, who was influenced by the New York jazz scene.

The album he designed with the title track 11.11 is conceptually based on the three tracks “11:11”, “African Roots” and “Bona”.