Dot Time Records Welcomes Italian Trumpet Virtuoso Tiziano Bianchi!

Dot Time Records Welcomes Italian Trumpet Virtuoso Tiziano Bianchi!

Dot Time Records is pleased to announced today that it will release Relate, the second album of Italian trumpet virtuoso Tiziano Bianchi. Relate, which was produced by Japanese-American trumpet legend Tiger Okoshi, features performances by Mr. Okoshi on the track Your Eyes, as well as the Grammy award-winning guitarist  Bill Frisell on First Moon and Firefly’s Dream. The release date is scheduled for May 10th, 2019

Recorded in Italy and USA, Relate presents seven original compositions by Tiziano Bianchi and one arrangement of the Lali Puna song Nin-com-pop. The lyrics of the album’s title track exemplify the positive meaning behind Relate, which, in addition to Mr. Bianchi’s enrapturing trumpet, is beautifully conveyed by the use of electronic elements, like synths and electronic drums, and two cellos, instead of an upright bass. Overall, Relate has a fresh, much more contemporary sound than that of a regular jazz combo, and provides listeners with a wholly immersive experience that makes them fall in love with the sound of trumpet, all over again.

“I was initially attracted to this recording by Tiziano’s tonality and the smooth register shifts.” said Dot Time Records Johanan ‘Jo’ Bickhardt; “It was after a second and third listen that I recognized his creativity in the construction of the compositions. They are rife with beautiful lyrical lines and  wonderful counter melodies.”

Speaking of the inspiration behind the album, Mr. Bianchi shared that “Relating is important while you are playing with someone else, because music needs strong interaction and common goals. It’s important to relate while dealing with other people, and it would help to avoid many contrasts. It is important to relate with the other elements of the world outside ourselves, to look for inputs and to enjoy what life offers to you”.

“It seems that Tiziano and I have created such unique yet solid relationship as artists. We are both careful and sincere craftsmen who truly love to spend hours creating music. Compared to his last CD, Now and Then, it’s so clear that this CD not only has a stronger message, but also one that is more tangible. Relate has more power; unique dynamics and complexity, but at the same time, it is also tastier. Besides, Tiziano’s trumpet playing has improved so much. Tiziano is growing in his music, while his music is growing in him. This is it! Let’s congratulate his fantastic accomplishment together!” said Mr. Okoshi.

Commenting on his work with Dot Time Records, Mr. Bianchi said that “I am excited to present this second album and I am happy to do it through Dot Time Records. Their professionalism and devotion to the music makes me looking forward to this new adventure.”

Image Credit: (Tetsuro Hoshii).