Ricky Riccardi, writes liner notes for upcoming Louis Armstrong releases.

Ricky Riccardi, writes liner notes for upcoming Louis Armstrong releases.

Dot Time Records is pleased to announce that Ricky Riccardi, the Director of Research Collections for the Louis Armstrong House Museum has been commissioned to write the liner notes for the four upcoming productions of never previously release material from the Louis Armstrong Archives on its Legends series. These productions were licensed from the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation. Riccardi is the author of the critically acclaimed What a Wonderful World: The Magic of Louis Armstrong’s Later Years and is thrilled that Dot Time Records, Legends Series will be releasing rarely heard music by Armstrong. Riccardi said, “The fact that this material will finally be made available to the public through Dot Time Legends is cause for celebration.”

Known as the “21st century’s foremost expert on Louis Armstrong”, according to Thomas Cunniffe of Jazz History Online, Riccardi Is immersed in all things Armstrong. He runs the online blog, “The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong,” and has given lectures on Armstrong at venues around the world, including the Institute of Jazz Studies, the Satchmo Summerfest, the Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival and the Monterey Jazz Festival. With a Master’s degree in Jazz History and Research from Rutgers University, he has taught a “Music of Louis Armstrong” graduate course at Queens College and a six-week “Swing University” course on Louis Armstrong at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

la-cover-mock-up-websiteJerry Roche, the head of Dot Time’s Legends Series, was in search of undiscovered gems by Armstrong and was stunned by what he found when researching the archives at Queens College. “When I heard this music by Louis Armstrong”, said Roche, “I was totally overwhelmed. Producing this music would mean people could connect again with the greatness of Louis Armstrong.”

Riccardi recalls the visit as well and said, “The first time Jerry Roche visited, he immediately knew that this material should be heard by a wider audience. I have always believed that every note Louis Armstrong ever created should be savored, studied and celebrated. Louis amassed an incredible personal collection of concert recordings, nightclub broadcasts and other previously unissued gems that have eluded collectors and discographers for decades. Thanks to him and Dot Time Legends, Armstrong fans from around the world will finally be able to enjoy these treasures.”

Roche who will be producing this series of never-before commercially released music said, “To have Ricky Riccardi write the liner notes on these recordings is an honor and will bring that much more significance to the importance of these releases. The accompanying materials will be valued lessons in history as well as music treasures.” The productions will be available in CD, Vinyl and Digital formats.

You can find out more about the Louis Armstrong “Legacy Series” series Here

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