Catherine Russell & Sean Mason: The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing

The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing ()

Catherine Russell & Sean Mason

The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing ()


Release date: June 28th, 2024

The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing is also available for download here.


Dot Time Records is thrilled to announce the August 23, 2024 release of My Ideal, a breathtaking new album from acclaimed GRAMMY®-nominated vocalist Catherine Russell and prodigious pianist Sean Mason. This modern classic marks a significant milestone in both artists’ careers, capturing a powerful and intimate musical dialogue. My Ideal is a very special project even in the very rarified strata where Catherine works; this is not only her first complete set of voice-and-piano duets, but her partner on this project is a remarkable piano prodigy whose technical skill is only rivaled by his soulfulness.

Since her debut solo album in 2006, Catherine Russell has captivated audiences with her rich, soulful voice and exceptional interpretative skills. Her eight previous solo albums have garnered critical acclaim, with Send For Me (2022) marking her first collaboration with Sean Mason. My Ideal elevates their partnership to new heights, featuring a complete set of voice-and-piano duets that hark back to classic jazz traditions. Sean Mason, a remarkable talent, 25 years old at the time of this recording, complements Russell’s vocal artistry with his sophisticated and nuanced piano playing. Despite his youth, Mason’s deep understanding of jazz’s history and techniques allows him to support and enhance Russell’s performances brilliantly.

Catherine Russell and Sean Mason share a profound connection that transcends their impressive individual talents. Both masters of jazz, their repertoires span the vast landscape of African-American and American popular music, from the blues and R&B to the Great American Songbook, Broadway, Hollywood, and Tin Pan Alley. This collaboration represents a unique convergence of experience and youthful virtuosity, offering a fresh yet timeless sound.

“Singing with the great pianist Sean Mason allows for the freedom to have fun and be in the moment. We understand each other,” says Catherine Russell. This synergy is palpable throughout My Ideal, as the duo effortlessly blend their talents to create a compelling musical experience. My Ideal tells the history of the jazz art form, from the early beginnings of the music with homages to James P. Johnson and Fats Waller, to the confluence of jazz and popular music with tributes to Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra. The adept duo imbue each piece with nuanced authenticity, sincerity and originality.

My Ideal: Production Credits

Produced by Catherine Russell, Paul Kahn, and Katherine Miller

Recorded by Katherine Miller

Sear Sound, NYC, Studio A, August 23 & 24, 2003

Mixed by Katherine Miller at Annandale Recording

Mastered by Alan Silverman for Arf! Mastering

Photography: Sandrine Lee

Design: Karin Elsener

Notes: Will Friedwald