Chuck Israels Jazz Orchestra: Concerto Peligroso

Concerto Peligroso ()

Chuck Israels Jazz Orchestra

Concerto Peligroso ()


Release date: October 6th, 2017


Chuck Israels has done it again! This recording features Chuck’s most exquisite composing and arranging to date! Laid out open and bare with intricate harmonies and rhythms, his Nonet ensemble presents these compositions with virtuoso musicianship, soulful solos while creating incredible new environs. With a nod to the past, Chuck is willing to share his wisdom looking toward the future. This is a need to hear album. Bravo Chuck!

1. Margot’s Mood

2. Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West

3. Fractal Shadows

4. Concerto Peligroso

5. Delicate Balance

6. All The Pretty Horses

7. The Sound of Sonny

8. Dark Tapestry

9. Frankie and Johnny

10. Swingin’ For The Fences

11. Monk’s Drea

Charlie Porter, trumpet

John Moak, trombone

John Nastos, alto saxophone, flute

David Evans, tenor saxophone, clarinet

Robert Crowell, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Dan Faehnle, guitar

Miles Black, piano

Chuck Israels, bass

Michael Raynor, drums

Jessica Israels, voice