Janette Mason: Red Alert

Red Alert ()

Janette Mason

Red Alert ()


Release date: March 16th, 2018


Dot Time Records is proud to present the vinyl edition of Red Alert from London based pianist, composer, arranger and producer Janette Mason. Inspired by her passionate belief that jazz needs to constantly evolve to attract a younger, more diverse audience, Janette’s unique contemporary jazz compositions draw on her wide-ranging influences (from Dave Brubeck to David Bowie and Herbie Hancock to Goldfrapp). Janette’s powerful and rhythmic approach to the piano is subtly fused with the keyboards to create a musical journey that is as engaging as it is thought provoking and brought to life by the explosive combination of Jack Pollitt on drums and Tom Mason on bass. Nominated for a Parliamentary jazz award for her second trio album Alien Left Hand, Red Alert is a direct musical response to the political and social challenges now facing us all.

“Infectious grooving, clever composing and audacious improvisation…One of the best”
John Fordham The Guardian

Side A

1. Pent Up (5:52)

2. Skating on Thin Ice (6:35)

3. Evil Of All Roots (5:03)

4. Bridge 2 (0:31)

5. SiSi (5:15)

Total Side: 23:17

Side B

1. Red Alert (6:23)

2. Bridge 1 (0:50)

3. The Yearning (8:25)

4. Altered Reality (3:42)

5. I See Seven (5:33)

Total Side: 24:52

Janette Mason – piano and keyboards

Jack Pollitt – drums

Tom Mason – acoustic and electric bass