Louis Armstrong: The Night Clubs

The Night Clubs ()

Louis Armstrong

The Night Clubs ()


Release date: February 25th, 2022

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In late 1929, Louis Armstrong left New York City and officially began the life of a touring musician. For 40 years, he kept up a schedule that often found him working an average of 300 nights a year. He performed every type of gig imaginable in that time: theaters, concert halls, high school gymnasiums, festivals and beyond. But of all the different types of jobs, it seemed like Armstrong was most at home in a nightclub setting.

This compilation contains selections from five different nightclub engagements–Bop City in 1950, the 150 Club in 1951, Club Hangover in San Francisco in 1952, Storyville in Boston in 1953, Basin Street in New York in 1955 and the Brant Inn in Ontario in 1958. No matter the venue or the backing band, Armstrong is in peak form throughout. -Ricky Riccardi

Side A

1. My Monday Date (5:50)

2. High Society (3:52)

3. West End Blues (4:31)

4. You’re Just In Love (3:28)

5. Pretty Little Missy (3:52)

Total Time: 21:33

Side B

1. N.O. Function (7:35)

2. Struttin’ With Some Barbecue (6:21)

3. Lazy River (4:15)

4. Someday You’ll Be Sorry (4:16)

Total Time: 22:27

Louis Armstrong – trumpet, vocal

Jack Teagarden – trombone (SA T1-2)

Russ Phillips – trombone (SA T3-4)

Barney Bigard – clarinet (SA T1-5, SB T1, vocals)

Edmond Hall – clarinet (SB T2-4)

Earl Hines – piano (SA T1-2)

Marty Napoleon – piano (SA T3-4, SB T1)

Billy Kyle – bass (SA T5, SB T2-4)

Arvell Shaw – bass (SA T1-2, 5)

Dale Jones – bass (SA T3-4)

Milt Hinton – bass (SB T1)

Mort Herbert – bass (SB T2-4)

Cozy Cole – drums (SA T1-4, SB T1)

Barrett Deems – drums (SA T5, SB T2-4)

Velma Middleton – vocal (SA T3-5, SB T2-4)

Recordings from Performances between 1950-1958: New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Ontario