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Mike Milazzo

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ARTIST: Mike Milazzo featuring Kaitlyn Reder

Release date: February 18th, 2022

Mike Milazzo: Honey is also available for download here.


What happens when the sideman moves to center stage? When one of the most sought-after guitarists in the NYC area wants to express himself through his own words and voice, not just his fretboard skills? When solo artist gets added to the resume after major-label group member and session musician?

New Americana and Alternative Country performer Mike Milazzo is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and guitarist who blends an array of acoustic and electric instruments to create a raw, heartfelt, singular sound. A writer of an eclectic mix of songs, who has honed his craft through hundreds of live performances worldwide, Mike is the consummate musician’s musician. Self-reflective, his songs come from life experiences and tell tales from across the human experience. Bold and unafraid, his performances always electrify. Mike is always at home on stage and in the studio.

From his deep classic rock and grunge roots, Mike is also a skilled bluegrass and alternative rock player. A gunslinger at times, ready to be challenged at the drop of a hat. His complex background working with the greatest players and producers in the Northeast prepared him perfectly for today, where he can be found on your favorite Spotify playlist, on your turntable, and on your area stage.

“He is a one-man force. Part story-teller, part comedian, part masterfully self-possessed musician. Musically, this is a combination of genres, merging gospel with bluegrass, country with rock ‘n roll. We think of Elvis Costello at times, but there is a tangy twang and a hint of the Four Horsemen that’s unmistakable.” – William Glenn, Fringe Review

Mike has three singles and an EP planned for release in 2022, with his song Honey as the first release. He has shared his guitar, vocal, and mandolin skills with artists and veteran performers including Meg Griffin’s Trainwreck, Buddy Cage, Tom Hanway, and many more, and as an opening act for Donovan, Richie Havens, and Levon Helm. He has worked extensively with producers such as Sean Slade, Tony Maimone, and David Domanich, and has appeared on over twenty major-label and independent single and album releases over the past two decades.

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Mike Milazzo – guitar, mandolin, vocals

Kaitlyn Reder – vocals

Dan Ricker – piano, organ

Bo Grady – bass

Mike Sutton – drums

Elijah Bridges – backing vocals

Recorded at HOL by Ryan Ash

Mixed and recorded w/ Phil Duke at Dukesound

Mastered by Dan Walker

All Songs Mike Milazzo BMI /Slampa Publishing

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