Studio Nord Sessions: Deborah Carter and Zandscape

Deborah Carter and Zandscape ()

Studio Nord Sessions

Deborah Carter and Zandscape ()


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ARTIST: Deborah Carter and Zandscape

Release date: May 24th, 2019


This was the first concert of the 2018 Dot Time Records International Artists Series, Live Recording Concerts.  Amsterdam based vocalist Deborah Carter and Zandscape presented a unique program featuring the musical compositions of Mark Zandveld, with lyrics from Deborah. Recorded live in front of a studio audience at the iconic Studio Nord Bremen, known for its impressive acoustic vintage recording abilities, Deborah’s voice and this exceptional quartet, featuring the finest Dutch musicians, performed an exquisite program,  creating an incredible experience for those in attendance at the Studio Nord. This is a special limited edition hand numbered collectors edition, which features a special insert containing notes from Mark and performance photos from that magical evening.


Side A

  1. Boptopus (6:03)
  2. Spring’s Not Waiting For Spring (4:46)
  3. Not Tonight (4:40)
  4. Stay The Dance (5:07)

Total Side Time (20:36)

Side B

  1. I Know Who I Am (4:14)
  2. Short Story Far Too Long (5:36)
  3. Where Love Hides (5:40)
  4. Newsstand Art (6:02)

Total Side Time (21.32)


Deborah Carter – Vocals

Mark Zandveld – Bass Cello a.k.a. The Bace, all compositions

Gunner Graafmans – Vibraphone

Jeen Rabs – Guitar

Jurjen Bakker – Drums