Tiziano Bianchi: Relate

Relate ()

Tiziano Bianchi

Relate ()


Release date: May 10th, 2019


‘Relate’ is the second album of the Italian trumpet virtuoso Tiziano Bianchi. The album was produced by the Japanese/American trumpet legend Tiger Okoshi and features the Grammy Award winner Bill Frisell on guitar. Recorded between Italy and USA, ‘Relate’ presents seven original compositions by Tiziano Bianchi and one arrangement of the Lali Puna’s song ‘Nin-com-pop’. The band utilizes two cellos instead of the upright bass. The use of electronic elements, like synths and electronic drums, make the sound contemporary and more powerful of a regular jazz combo. The lyrics of the title track explain the positive message behind the album.

1. Awaken (5:56)

2. Your Eyes (feat. Tiger Okoshi) (5:18)

3. First Moon (feat. Bill Frisell) (6:59)

4. Early Morning (6:02)

5. Firefly’s Dream (feat. Bill Frisell) (4:00)

6. Relate (4:55)

7. Nin-Com-Pop (4:45)

8. Sundays (2:57)

Tiziano Bianchi – trumpet, flugelhorn, voice (on Tracks #4 and #6), synth

Claudio Vignali – piano, keyboards

Enrico Ferri – cello

Marco Frattini – drums, percussion


Bill Frisell – guitar on Tracks #3 and #5

Tiger Okoshi – flugelhorn on track #2