David Pastor presents “Motion” at Jamboree Jazz Club

David Pastor presents “Motion” at Jamboree Jazz Club

David Pastor & Nu-Roots created a fusion of jazz with the more eclectic styles of creative music with their latest release. The official release in Spain will be presented at the Jamboree Jazz Club on Friday, April 14 (8pm and 10pm).

Trumpet player David Pastor, one of the leading figures on the jazz scene, presents his new album along with his trio Nu-Roots, which he has been leading for nearly a decade. Pastor is accompanied by José Luis Guart to the electric piano, organ and keyboards and Pere Foved on drums in a project that impregnates jazz with diverse musical influences ranging from rock and funk to soul and Brazilian music.

david-pastor-motion-1500x1500x72dpiNu-Roots is characterized by its ability to balance the most avant-garde trends of contemporary jazz along with the tradition of swing and the traditional blues roots. In addition, the virtuoso and eclectic trumpet player makes use of this freedom of style to deepen the fusion of jazz with the more electric styles of creative music. “The idea of movement, defines the point in which we are now. We are in a moment of change and evolution. After all this time working together, both the personality and the sound of Nu-Roots are very defined, but they continue to transform and enrich themselves in each performance. The nature of Nu-Roots is undoubtedly the movement “, explains Pastor.

David Pastor dumps his baggage and influences on a record that is the clear reflection of the evolution and changes lived by Nu-Roots over the years. Thus, Motion reaffirms the identity of the sound of the band, connecting the freedom of improvisation with the rhythmic nuances of swing driven with the strength of the groove.

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