Changes: 1983

1983 ()


1983 ()


Release date: December 30th, 2018


German band Changes were one of the leading exponents of German Jazz in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Comprised of Wolfgang Engstfeld (Tenor Sax), Uli Beckerhoff (Trumpet), Ed Kröger (Piano), Detlev Beier (Bass) and Peter Weiss (Drums) it can be said “Changes” influenced a generation of German Jazz musicians.

Journalist Peter Michael Bitz stated “This formerly unreleased material was hidden in an archive and only now available on CD is a real jazz discovery. Six pieces from Changes – recorded in 1983 – takes us on a fascinating travel in time into a vivid and creative Jazz era. In this way after 33 years, some of our most beautiful musical memories return.  There it is again, that airy Changes sound, gripping, brilliant, emotional, esthetic, witty, stirring and annoyingly polished at the same time. In one word: wonderful! The music of changes is not out of date, it is timeless.

1. September Song

2. Waltz

3. Calypso

4. Back To Back

5. Colico

6. Blues With A Laughing Face

Wolfgang Engstfeld – tenor sax

Uli Beckerhoff – trumpet

Ed Kröger – piano

Detlev Beier – bass

Peter Weiss – drums

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