Claude Diallo Situation: African Roots

African Roots ()

Claude Diallo Situation

African Roots ()


Release date: March 10th, 2023

African Roots is also available for download here.


Claude Diallo has a philosophy that seeps into his musical fiber. He calls it “Traveling With Music” which in his mind incorporates what he hears and observes musically, regardless of origin, time and space. It is for him a musical statement.

The Claude Diallo Situation comprise of Claude, along with Luques Curtis and Túpac Mantilla. They are masters of their craft and they are at home no matter where they are with their music. Their travels and experiences have infused their music with a spirit, a conscious and a living breathing energy.

11:11 is an album stimulated by numerous technical aspects, varied meters, rhythms, odd bars typical of South American and Eastern Europe music. You will find elements of African meters; blues licks and Latin Jazz. There is Classical theory and themes as well. The trio also makes numerous dedications to those who taught and inspired the trio and those influences are keenly felt in the intricacy of the music.

Therefore, when the virtuosity and energy of these artists is sprinkled in, the focus toward the technical and compositional proficiency dominates the listeners attention.

I tend to think differently. 11:11 is an album that is sustained by Claude’s philosophy of traveling with music; filled with motif’s that uplift the spirit and palette of our senses. Simply put, even though the album is filled with complex rhythms, meters and grooves, the bottom line is what we hear, is simple beautiful melodies.

Louis Armstrong once said, “What we play is life.” With 11:11, Claude Diallo Situation shares with us what gives them life.

Johanan ‘Jo’ Bickhardt Dot Time Records

Claude Diallo – grand piano

Luques Curtis – upright bass

Túpac Mantilla – drums and percussion