Claude Diallo Situation: I Found A New Home

I Found A New Home ()

Claude Diallo Situation

I Found A New Home ()


Release date: April 3rd, 2021


Claude Diallo lived in the US for 14 years of which he spent 11 years in New York. Moving back to Switzerland, he established a new home and family. Musically this project is also a new home for him because it is the first release with this band, although they have performed together since 2005. In addition, almost all the compositions have something to do with family.

“One Last Prayer For You” is dedicated to Lorraine Bolling, daughter of the first African-American senator of Massachusetts. A huge supporter, she passed away at age 51. “Nina’s Theme” was written for the 70th birthday of his aunt, classical trained pianist Nina Zafran. “Léo Mathieu” was written for his son, now aged 2 and “Yours” is dedicated to his wife Daniela.

Side A:

1. I Found a New Home (5:47)

2. Nina’s Theme (4:38)

3. Animation’s Contemplation (4:39)

4. Léo Mathieu (4:27)

Total Side: 19:33

Side B:

1. One Last Prayer for You (7:48)

2. Yours (5:58)

3. McCoy Meets Monk (4:31)

Total Side: 18:19

Claude Diallo – piano

Luques Curtis – bass

Andy Bauer – drums