Claude Diallo & Bruno Spoerri: I Remember JSL

I Remember JSL ()

Claude Diallo & Bruno Spoerri

I Remember JSL ()


Release date: October 21st, 2022

I Remember JSL is also available for download here.

1. Goodbye Blanche Neige (Claude Diallo)

2. All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern)

3. I Remember JSL (Bruno Spoerri)

4. Two Deaf Lice (Isla Eckinger)

5. One Last Prayer For You (Claude Diallo)

6. When Will The Blues Leave (Ornette Coleman)

7. Body and Soul (John W. Green)

8. Next Life (Eliane Cueni)

9. Generations Blues (Claude Diallo & Bruno Spoerri)


Claude Diallo – piano

Bruno Spoerri – saxophones

Luques Curtis – bass

Tupac Mantilla – percussion and drums

Recorded live at Schlosskeller Frauenfeld during the Generations Festival on October 4th 2021

Recording Engineer – Andy Neresheimer

Mixed by Andy Neresheimer

Mastered by Lou Gimenez

Graphic Design – Dani Mari

Special thanks to Dominik Deuber for the permission to do a live recording

Also available