Efrat Alony: Händel – Fast Forward

Händel - Fast Forward ()

Efrat Alony

Händel - Fast Forward ()


Release date: September 8th, 2023

Händel - Fast Forward is also available for download here.


Alony’s passion for Handel’s music is unmistakable. The inspiration she draws is profoundly audible;  with every stroke of her masterful vocal brush, with every unexpected harmony, that wraps- and at times even rattles Handel’s wonderful and trusted melodies. Her interpretation of his music is marvelous and distinct. Extremely unique, unheard of.

And let some strange mysterious dream, wave at his wings in airy stream

Handel’s Airs from Operas such as “Theodora”, “Lucrezia”, “Ottone” , “Alexander Balus” or “Saul” are a magical vessel through which the wonders of Alony’s fabulous instrument unfold.

A strong, soulful voice, its wast depth, almost haunts you. A marvelous shape-shifting being, that slips in and out of different characters and emotions. Like a magician who knows too well the exact amounts of each ingredient in order to create the perfect potion, she allures us to unexpected, unknown avenues, and we – the listeners- follow blindly-  we’re allowed a peak into the mystery, its most powerful and most frail moments.

“Händel’s melodies are pure and soulful, unpretentious. Their clarity will never misguide you- they aim straight for ‘TRUTH’ ” Alony says. “The search for ‘Truth’ has been fascinating me my entire career. Peeling off the layers of ‘almost truths’ or even ‘un-truths’ and reaching tangible honesty”

Why Handel? – Why Not???
Improvisation, variation  and exploration were at the core of baroque music. The performances were constantly revised and reshaped, they lived in the moment, just like Jazz does.

“If Händel lived today he would probably write pop songs or score breathtaking film music. He would be inventive, daring, explore new musical paths and would break his own rules.  He would try to connect.” Alony says.

Accompanied by a strong Trio, set from crème de la crème of the contemporary german jazz scene: Achim Kaufmann (piano), Henning Sieverts (bass) and Heinrich Koebberling (drums). The story-telling skills and inquiring musical mind of each of the musicians unfold – together they undertake a fantastical Journey, through unexpected hidden doorways to Handel’s world.

…Then as I wake, sweet music breathe, above, about, or underneath.

Whatever Händel would do today, he would smile – or be enraged – but he could certainly not stay indifferent to Alony’s magnificent, daring interpretation.

About: handel.alony.de


1. Convey Me To Some Peaceful Shore

2. Alla Salma Infidel

3. Come To Me Soothing Sleep

4. Già Nel Seno


1. As With Rosy Steps The Morn

2. Leave Me Loathsome Light

3. Hide Me From Day’s Garish Eye

Efrat Alony – vocals, arrangements

Achim Kaufmann – piano

Henning Sieverts – bass

Heinrich Köbberling – drums