Garden Of Delights


Garden Of Delights



Artist: Chuck Israels

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“There are so many elements at work on this album. They mesh so well together that a serious listner can hear this is the culmination of Israels’ life in music.” – Kirk Silsbee, Downbeat Magazine.


Garden of Delights is the latest release from the Chuck Israels Jazz Orchestra. Although Chuck’s musical conception owes much to his trio experience with Bill Evans, he cannot deny his love for Mingus, Monk, Horace Silver, Oscar Pettiford and others. This first release of Chuck’s music on Dot Time Records is completely given over to his own compositions. Some are new arrangements of earlier pieces, while the bulk of the charts were composed over the last couple of years for this ensemble. What sets this group apart is the attention to detail, the challenging counterpoint, the subtlety of phrasing and dynamics, the conversational relationships between the rhythm section and the horns. Each player brings a distinct and valuable personality to the ensemble while blending in perfectly to create at once an intimate, personal and unified sound – musical democracy in action.

Track Listing

1. The Skipping Tune |2. Garden of Delights |3. Mingus |4. Speed Bumps |5. Natural Beauty |6. Bluesman’s Holiday |7. Warming Trend |8. Double Clutching |9. Chaconne a Son Gout |10. Discretion Advised


Chuck Israels

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