Live at the New School


Live at the New School



Artist: Gerry Mulligan | National Jazz Orchestra



This release is the first of a series of recordings by Chuck Israels and the National Jazz Ensemble (NJE) in the ‘Legends’ Series. This album documents the NJE’s performance of the February 2nd, 1977 concert at the New School in NYC. In its third year of existence at the time, the NJE usually sold out on the road and had good crowds at the New School, however the NJE never sold out in New York until Gerry Mulligan was the guest soloist. Gerry had made himself scarce over the previous decade and everyone in attendance understood the importance of the event. There were lines around the block. There were enough people on line to fill a second show.

Track Listing

1. Back At The Barn | 2. Walkin’ Shoes | 3. Israel | 4. Evidence | 5. Bird Tapestry | 6. Creole Love Call | 7. Thruway | 8. Idol Gossip | 9. Ballade


Conductor and Music Director: Chuck Israels

Guest Soloist: Gerry Mulligan

Reeds: Arnie Lawrence, Lawrence Feldman, Greg Herbert, Dennis Anderson, Kenny Berger

Trumpets: Jimmy Maxwell, Waymon Reed, Mike Lawrence, David Berger

Trombones: Jimmy Knepper, Rod Levitt, Sam Burtis

Rhythm: Steve Brown, Bill Dobbins, Steve Gilmore, Bill Goodwin

Vocal: Margot Hanson