Lizzie Thomas: My Foolish Heart

My Foolish Heart ()

Lizzie Thomas

My Foolish Heart ()


Release date: January 27th, 2023

My Foolish Heart is also available for download here.


New York-based vocalist Lizzie Thomas presents her career-defining fifth album, Duo Encounters. The inventive jazz singer — gifted with an inviting voice and a swinging style — teams up with a dozen of her favorite artists to perform a set of intimate and adventurous duets. Over the course of twelve tracks, Thomas digs deep into the lyrics, and uplifts each song with her individualistic approach. Turning away from the conventional, these interpretations of carefully curated tunes are fun and adventurous. The result is a memorable set of superbly sung and often surprising music and it‘s Lizzie Thomas’ most rewarding recording to date.

Lizzie Thomas – vocals

Russell Malone – electric guitar

Recorded with Tom Tedesco, Tedesco Studios

Mixing & Mastering: Dave Darlington, Bass Hit Studios