Artist: David Pastor & Nu-Roots

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David Pastor and Nu-Roots follow-up on their successful 2014 release “New Tunes & Old Tunes” with their latest album titled “Motion”. Nu-Roots is a trio led by the trumpet player David Pastor together with José Luis Guart on the electric piano, organ and keyboards and Pere Foved on Drums. With Nu-Roots, Pastor has created a fusion of jazz and the most electric of styles of music creating a new sound and rhythmic nuances that put this trio on the cutting edge of contemporary jazz music.

Track Listing:

1. Dr. Guart | 2. Salvà Street | 3. Coltrane Roots | 4. I remember Cifu | 5. The oranges buyer | 6. The Rolff’s boat | 7. Sweet Bar Roca | 8. Motion | 9, The way you look tonight. 


David Pastor & Nu-Roots

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