Oscar Del Barba: Ox

Ox ()

Oscar Del Barba

Ox ()


Release date: May 12th, 2020


OX Trio’s songs, Oscar Del Barba’s original compositions, arise from the synergy between contemporary music and modern jazz, between contrapuntist writing and great rhythmic research. The dialogue between composition and improvisation is very narrow and subtle at the same time, and gives shape to a now ethereal and spacious sound (where the harmonic element prevails), now dense and energetic (where the rhythm is in the foreground). Strongly stratified and in which the roles of musicians alternate in an unusual way for a formation -like the“piano trio”- so important in the tradition of African American music.

1. Wilhelm Meister

2. Metropolis

3. Metamorfosi

4. Lentone

5. TB

6. Verso

7. Rosso Marte   

8. Bastian contrario

9. Ombre

10. Tritonius

Oscar Del Barba – piano

Giacomo Papetti – double bass

Andrea Ruggeri – drums