Artist: Phil Markowitz – Zach Brock Quartet

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Perpetuity is the debut release from the Phil Markowitz | Zach Brock Quartet. Both leaders in their own right, Phil and Zach come together in this unique line-up presenting a new set of original tunes written especially for this release. Pianist Phil Markowitz stated “I always wanted to write for a violinist and when I saw the range of what he was able to play, it opened up a lot of doors for compositional possibilities.” With this said, Perpetuity is a great “Out Of The Box” CD that will, without doubt, surprise. For “Perpetuity” Phil and Zach are joined by bassists Jay Anderson and Lincoln Goines, drummer Obed Calvaire and percussionist Edson “Cafe” Da Silva.

Track Listing

1. Perpetuity | 2. Triple Dutch | 3. Fractures | 4 Six Pack | 5. Nebulae | 6. Notorious “Z” | 7. Burning Lake | 8. Rongtone | 9. Mirrors | 10. Ankle Biter


Phil Markowitz, Piano | Zach Brock, Violin | Jay Anderson, Acoustic Bass | Lincoln Goines, Electric Bass | Obed Calvaire, Drums | Edson “Cafe” Da Silva, Percussion

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