Wolfgang Lackerschmid and Chet Baker: Welcome Back

Welcome Back ()

Wolfgang Lackerschmid and Chet Baker

Welcome Back ()


Release date: November 11th, 2022

1. Welcome Back (Baker, Lackerschmid, Lenz) (3:55)

2. Christmas Waltz (Baker, Lackerschmid, Lenz, Stylo) (7:39)

3. Glorias Answer (Baker, Lackerschmid, Knauer, Peri dos Santos, Edir dos Santos) (5:29)

4. Pitztal Daybreak (Baker, Lackerschmid, Lenz) (6:30) 

5. Volta Trais (Baker, Lackerschmid, Knauer, Peri dos Santos, Edir dos Santos, Stylo) (5:02)

6. Try It Dry (Baker, Lackerschmid, Lenz, Stylo) (6:05)

7. Why Shouldn’t You Cry (Baker, Lackerschmid, Lenz) (5:44)

8. Waltz For Berlin (Baker, Lackerschmid, Lenz, Stylo – on guitar) (7:15 )

9. Welcome Back (alt. take) (Baker, Lackerschmid, Lenz, Stylo) (5:40)

Wolfgang Lackerschmid – vibraphone

Chet Baker – trumpet

Nicola Stylo – flute, (guitar on Waltz For Berlin)

Günter Lenz – bass


Rocky Knauer – bass

Peri dos Santos – guitar

Edir dos Santos – drums

Recorded by Anton Loibl, Loya Studio

Mixed by Wolfgang Städele, Studio 80

Mastered by Lou Gimenez

Produced by Jerry Roche

Cover Art by Dani Mari

Photo by Werner G. Lengenfelder

all compositions by Wolfgang Lackerschmid (GEMA)