Wolfgang Lackerschmid: Summer Changes

Summer Changes ()

Wolfgang Lackerschmid

Summer Changes ()


Release date: May 14th, 2021

Summer Changes is also available for download here.


Summer Changes is the new album from legendary vibraphonist Wolfgang Lackerschmid. Recorded September 16 & 17, 2018 at the  Traumraum Tonstudio, Augsburg, Germany, this new album comes on the heals of several recent Dot Time Records Legends releases that have featured Lackerschmid alongside trumpeter Chet Baker, including the critically acclaimed Quintet Sessions and Ballads For Two. Each track on Summer Changes was written and composed by Lackerschmid, with the exception of “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Poinciana.” The tracklist exhibits a collection of 8 tunes that nod to the unique changing of seasons — the heat of the summer in particular — and a handful of sentimental memories for the artist, including a ballad for his mother.

Lackershmid’s arrangements on Summer Changes embrace feelings of reflection and nostalgia that are ignited by the seasonal change. Yet, the album is as much an homage to the past as it is a motive for the future. The 8 tracks on Summer Changes reveal a glimpse of the artist’s own understanding of time, and specifically, how he has chosen to contextualize his memories and experiences through harmony.

1. Half The Way (3:29)  

2. Summer Changes (5:09) 

3. Lemon Moon (6:24) 

4. Mothers Dream (5:43) 

5. We Ain’t No Magicians (6:09) 

6. Rosemary’s Baby (7:50) 

7. Poinciana (5:45)

8. Stundenwalzer (10:04)

All compositions by Wolfgang Lackerschmid except 6 by Krzysztof Komeda and 7 by Nat Simon.

Wolfgang Lackerschmid – vibraphone

Mark Soskin – piano

Jay Anderson – bass

Adam Nussbaum – drums